Crossword Hobbyist is the best way to create fun and educational crossword puzzles.

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The best way to create crossword puzzles for teaching, personal events, or plain old fun.

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Feature List

Fully customizable

Unlike most crossword tools, we give you full control of puzzle size and word placement. You can arrange words manually or automatically, and even edit an automatically-arranged puzzle.

Access anywhere

All your puzzles are saved directly to “the cloud”: you can save on one computer and resume on another, or print a completed puzzle from a different computer. No download required.

Finished puzzle options

Puzzles you create can be printed, saved as PDF, and even shared and solved online.

Easy for first-time creators

Crossword Hobbyist has a simple interface, so you can jump right in to making your crossword. We pledge never to show you ads, giving you a relaxing puzzlemaking experience.

Never lose your work

Your puzzle automatically saves as you go. Rest easy.