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Toddlers #1

Process by which information is first stored in a form usable to memory.
Mental representation or internal image of a past event or object, give the ability to pretend;
Speech in which words that are not critical are left out;
Term generally used for 1- and 2-year-olds, refers to the way they walk;
Placement of information into memory;
Term generally used for 1- and 2-year-olds, refers to the way they walk;
Tasks most children can perform at certain ages;
Skills that require the ability to coordinate small muscle groups in the arms, hands, and fingers;
Skills that require the large muscles in the arms and legs, as well as strength and stamina;
Children often play side by side as opposed to playing games of give and take or sharing;
Identification with and understanding of another's situation and feelings;
One-word utterances that stand for a whole phrase, meaning depends on usage context;
Emotional bond; two-way process through which infants form emotional bonds with another person;
Branch-like extension fibers that can receive messages from other neurons through synapses;
Distress felt by children when their usual caregiver departs, usually begins around 7-8 months and peaks around 14 months;
One of the cognitive development stages by Piaget;
Small gaps between neurons; occurs between neurons and dendrites;
Reaction where children move from simply repeating actions that are pleasing to them to conducting mini-experiments and observing their outcomes and learn by trial and error; generally occurs around 12-18 months;
Cognitive Development stage by Piaget; has six sub-stages and toddlers fall into the last two: Tertiary Circular Reactions and Beginnings of Thought;
Small gaps between neurons;
Emotional outbursts by a toddler resulting from overwhelming frustration with which the child cannot otherwise cope;
Basic nerve cells in our brains that have the ability to communicate with other cells;
Process by which material in memory storage is found, brought into awareness and used;