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Author: Salsa
Appreciation. Thanksgiving is an attitude of __
Entryways. Enter God's __ with thanksgiving. Psalm 100:4
# of God's Commandments
U bake, break & butter it
Sauce poured over potatoes
Iniquitous. Ingratitude 4 God's gifts is __
Country once called the New World
Everlasting. God's best blessing is __ life in Christ. Romans 6:23
Do this in a car or with a golf club
Pilgrims' firearms
She doesn't eat turkey
Elude. Pilgrims made a 3000 mile voyage to __ persecution
Study. __ history of Thanksgiving
Angelic people. Mayflower passengers were known as __ or strangers
Muhammad __ Mosque, Cairo
Eat Yams (ab)
Surplus. Many eat an __ of food on Thanksgiving
Dunk. __ 4 apples
Sick. Half the Pilgrims got __ & died during the 1st winter
Abilities. Pilgrims & Indians shared their __
Woven harvest container
Sound turkeys make & what hungry folks do @ a feast
Chewed. I __ everything but the centerpiece!
Pekoe, oolong & green
Native Americans @ Pilgrims' 1st Thanksgiving
Helpful. A stove is __ 4 cooking stuffing
Country the Pilgrims left 4 the New World
Meal prayer or mercy
Plaything kids give thanks 4
Redemption. I am grateful 4 __ via Jesus. Romans 1:15-16
Stream. Over the __ & through the woods to Grandmother's house we go
Day of the week we celebrate Thanksgiving
Traditions, rites. Food comas & football R Thanksgiving __
Abroad. English Pilgrims sailed __ to the New World
Chickens & humans lay these
Dwell in. God will __ the praises of His people. Psalm 22:3
Yearly. Thanksgiving is an __ feast
Pilgrims' textbook
Oceans. The Pilgrims sailed the __ for 65 days to reach the New World
Laugh Out Loud (ab)
Corn on the __ was Squanto's job