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LOM Chap 3-Suffixes

Teacher: G. Lincoln
Another suffix for pain
Suffix for breakdown, destruction separation
Blood condition
Combining form for spinal cord or bone marrow
Suffix for enlargement
Suffix for tumor
Suffix for controlling, stopping
Suffix for hernia
Combining form for brain
Combining form for drug/chemical
Suffix for softening
Combining form for abdomen, abdominal wall
Suffix for fear
Suffix for pain
Suffix for opening to form a mouth (stoma)
Suffix for incision or cutting into
Suffix for deficiency
Combining form for muscle
Combining form for blood vessel
Combining form for breast
Suffix for development or nourishment
Combing form for eyelid
Suffix for excision, removal, resection
Combining form for armpit
Combining form for blood
Suffix for surgical repair
Suffix for drooping, falling, prolapse
Combining form for urinary bladder
Suffix for inflammation