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Author: Salsa
Compassions. Gratitude is born in hearts that take time to count up past __. C. Jefferson
Mayflower passenger
Tin container
Cashew or pecan
Appreciation. Give __ 2 God 4 He is good. Psalm 107:1
Effortless. New World survival was not __
Native Americans
Goes into. The humble __ God's gates with thanksgiving. Psalm 100:4
Instrument. Colonists used the Bible as a teaching __
Aching. God expects us to give thanks even when __
Fresh. Pilgrims sailed from the Old to the __ World
Very or ergo. I'm __ stuffed!
Illnesses. Many colonists died of __
Margarine 4 maize
Thankful. The wicked R not __. Romans 1:21
Is taught. A happy soul __ to be thankful
At 1st Thanksgiving, surviving Pilgrims were thankful they didn't do this
Wild Australian dog loves leftovers
Dog type or experiments room
Nibbles. Fudge samples R tasty __
Critters on Mayflower
Mom. Gratitude is the __ of all virtues. GK Chesterton
Electronics brand
Birch bark boat
Pen fluid Lincoln used to sign Thanksgiving proclamation
Pilgrim Separatists
Neutral pronoun
Welcome visitors. Pilgrims invited Indians to be their __ at a feast
Pilgrims' ship
Aproned siblings or nuns
Day of the week Americans celebrate Thanksgiving
Sound turkeys make or what gluttons do @ feast
Instinctively. A humble mind is the soil out of which thanks __ grows. HW Beecher
Pet begs 4 food under table
Country of Thanksgiving feasts, football & floats
Rarely. A proud man is __ a grateful man. HW Beecher
Oblong sandwich or underwater vessel
Health resort
Request. __ 4 doggie bag
Like, while
Activated, not off