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The Trumpet of the Swan

Author: Julia Stelter
A place where children go to learn
One of the 50 states in the U.S that is located in the northwest region and borders Idaho, Wyoming, North and South Dakota and Canada
The opposite of hate
A problem that prevents something from working the right way
Birds do this when it gets to cold in the fall and winter
Used to be used in schools that use chalk, in place of them we now use white boards
Someone usually in the wilderness trying to learn new scientific facts
A big white graceful bird that lives near the water
This is what Louis pulls when he first meats Sam because he can't talk
A baby swan
I am ______ to be able to finish my homework before 8:00
A three buttoned brass instrument played in a band that you need to blow into
An area of water, surrounded by land and and is smaller than a lake
The country north of the U.S that borders it and has provinces
The season after Winter and before Summer which many animals give birth or lay eggs and take care of their new young
The cygnet that can not speak
The boy who saves the female swan's life and helps Louis go to school