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Puzzle Type: Educational
By: Leya Iskandar
The process of the process that affects the structure or composition of a rock in a solid state as a result of changes in temperature or pressure, or the addition of chemical fluids
Rocks that contain parallel layers of flat and elongated minerals
Is a sedimentary rock that was formed by organisms or contains the remains of organisms
What type of rock forms when lava cools and crystallizes
Fragments that make up a rock
Sedimentary rocks that are made up of broken pieces of minerals and rock fragments
Rocks that are affected by changes in temperature and pressure
Molten rock that erupts on Earth's surface
The grain size and the way grains fit together in a rock
What rock is made of besides grains
Is a natural, solid mixture of minerals or grains
Rock that forms when lava cools too quickly to form crystals
What type of igneous rock forms as magma cools underground
What type of rock is formed by sediments
What forms where rocks are broken down into smaller pieces or dissolved in water as rocks erode
The series of processes that change one type of rock into another type of rock
What type of igneous rock forms when volcanic material erupts, cools, and crystallizes on Earth's surface
What type of rock forms when minerals crystalize directly from water
What forms metamorphic rocks besides heat
Molten or liquid rock underground