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Intermediate Band Crossword

Word at measure 40 of Christmas Sketches
Song #61 in the book
Word at measure #26 of Christmas Sketches
Measure 44 of 3 minute nutcracker ______ Dance
Instrument played by Hannah
______Builder (name of first song of warm up)
New song The Impossible _______
Song #130 in the book
In the book song #28 Molly_____
Song #141 in the book
8th Grade French Horn player
Like a _____ (instructions at the beginning of The Impossible Machine)
Name of song at measure 100 of 3 Minute Nutcracker
Song #129 in the book
Month of next Concert
Erik______ (composer of The Impossible Machine)
Song #68 Bill_______
Song #105 in Book
Month of most recent concert
You're a Grand Old______ (song #43)
Clarinet player _____Arnett
Song by Michael Sweeney
Jae plays the_____ Sax
Tempo of song #58 in the book
Talkative trombonist
Measure 78 of 3 minute nutcracker ____of the Flowers
With______ (at the beginning of Silverbrook)
Song #109 in the book
Good King_______
Composer of song #111 in the book
The 3 minute_______
Mr. Lunn's conducting stick
Word on measure 55 of Silverbrook
_______O'Loughlin (composer of Christmas Sketches)
Tempo of song #114 in book
Oboe player