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8th Grade Vocab Quiz - 7A & B

Teacher: Mr. Jentsch
List of things for sale or a library card...
Violent physical attack
Dangerous to us or to the environment
Many-legged worm with many segments
Container for liquid or powder or bullet casing
Making something clear
A terrible disaster
Metric scale for measuring temperature
Singer, lower than a tenor but higher than a bass
Brilliant, flashes
Clearness of expression
Incomplete or favoring
Successful person
Prove that something is true
A visit to ask something
Clearly seen, became... he needed glasses
Supplies for for weddings or birthdays
A four-wheel horse-drawn vehicle
Act of canceling somethinig
Once a century, occurring every hundred years
A large, important church
Heavy fabric
Black, oil based, used for paving, waterproof
To make dull, discolored
Part of a phone, or a football player