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Lessons 21-26: Y as a vowel / Changing y to i / Morphographs: --s, --y, --ing, pre--

Spelling Mastery Level C - Lesson 51: Teacher: Gemma Keremedjiev
They ___ when they saw the red stoplight
We went out west to visit the ___ Grand Canyon.
Please take your ___ to the laundry room.
Certain birds have very colorful feathers on their ___.
Your truest ___ will support you when you are down.
His ___ presentation impressed everyone who watched it.
Your first ___ is your parent.
Don't ___ about aimlessly--ask for directions to where you need to go!
The fresh flowers on the dining room table were so ___ to look at.
Adults who behave ___ sometimes lose opportunities.
The students ___ the trees and the clouds in an outdoor art class.
You'll have to go to the ___ to make the copies you need.
We're ___ that spring is on the way!
The lawn hadn't been mowed in weeks and looked ___.
We usually save our ___ outfits for special occasions.
Have you ever traveled the bay on a ___?
___ are the only animals who both laugh and cry.
The ___ plastic bowl had been left on the heater.
It's a ___ fact that the Earth is round.
A morphograph that means "doing something"
My sister is a ___ in a science laboratory.
Puppies are always so happy and ___.
A morphograph that means "before"
When I heard the news I was so thrilled--I couldn't have been ___!
Please go ___ to bed now.
The two horses were ___ strong and beautiful.
We ___ lots of fish on the lake.
Some ___ people in history are: Einstein, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Mother Teresa
Each morning, I awake to the ___ sound of birdsong.
Good ___ skills really help you do well in school.