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Spelling -- week of 23 NOV 2015

Past tense of SLEEP
Past tense of SLIDE
Past tense of FREEZE
If you pick a scab, your wound will start to ______ again.
Use a broom
Past tense of SAY
Past tense of DRIVE
Past tense of KNOW
When water is cooled to a temperature of 30 degrees Farenheit, it does this.
When you are 16, you will be able to ______ a car.
Past tense of KEEP
To understand something, to retain the information in your brain
"That's bright! Don't ____ it in my eyes please."
"It's snowing! Let's go ____ down the hill on a sled."
Use your arm and hand to make a baseball go into the air towards another person
Past tense of SHINE
Past tense of BLEED
"It's late! Lay down in your bed and go to _______!"
Past tense of SWEEP
If you make a stick person, you are doing this (with pencil and paper, most likely).
You may want to hold onto, or _____, that for later.
Past tense of DRAW
Past tense of THROW
Present tense of SAID