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Ms. Palinski: Abbey Middleton
Learning through observations
Intense, unwanted worries, ideas, and images that repeatedly pop up in the mind
Information is held in a way to later be retrieved
Known as master gland
A reinforce where the stimulus meets the basic need
Refers to learned ability to only respond to a specific stimuli, preventing generalization
Controls heartbeat and breathing
Behavior where actions are harmful to individuals and society
Flat affect, no social attachment
Model currently follow in treating a person with a disorder
Deals with the actions and plot of a dream
Medical condition that can happen if the vestibular sense isn't working
Copying adults behaviors that have no function and no reward
An emotional tie to another person
Made up of phonemes, morphemes, and grammar
Becoming rigidly attached to the first moving object they see
Science of behavior and mental processes
Where maturation takes place in the body
Refers to mental activities that help us function
Test that attempts to predict your ability to learn new skills