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Thanksgiving: DJM
Thanksgiving day is a day to ____ ____
Kellie loves mashed ______
Ramon carves the ____ on Thanksgiving.
Most popular sport watched on TV on Thanksgiving day is?
This great inventor wanted the Turkey to be the national bird.
What season did the pilgrims celebrate the first Thanksgiving day
Daniel's favorite food to eat that looks like a small turkey.
The Thanksgiving Day Parade is in what city?
The people at the 1st Thanksgiving were the pilgrims and ______
Grammy likes to prepare the ____ at Thanksgiving
This President proclaimed Thanksgiving Day a holiday in 1863
Olivia's favorite vegetable and popular to eat on Thanksgiving .
The 1st Thanksgiving was celebrated in this town/city
Before we eat we ____
46 _____turkeys are eaten on Thanksgiving day.
Thanksgiving is always celebrated on the last ____ of November
Sophia's favorite vegetable that is made with cheese and rice on holidays like Thanksgiving
These birds were eaten on the 1st Thanksgiving instead of turkeys
The pilgrims ate the Thanksgiving feast with a knife, spoon and _____
A cousin who is having a baby girl on May 28th