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Ecosystem Vocabulary

Type of grassland found in the Midwest. Bison, prairie dogs, coyotes and grasshoppers are common here.
Found all along the coasts in the U.S. Water covers the land during at least part of the year. Characteristics vary depending on geographic location.
Located near equator. Forest of tall trees in region of year round warmth and high precipitation.
Large geographical area of distinctive plants and animals adapted to that particular environment.
All the living and nonliving things in an area and their interactions.
Made up mostly of the skeletons of dead coral animals. Has many colorful fish, anemones & sponges.
Vast, barren Arctic biome where permafrost prevents tree growth. Low growing plants such as moss & lichen do survive. Polar bears live here.
Also called a temperate deciduous forest. Has four seasons. Song birds, deer, bears, and raccoon are common here.
Factors that limit the carrying capacity of a habitat like the amount of available food, water, space, and shelter.
Little rain, hot days, cool nights. Some animals burrow underground to survive heat. Plants, like the cactus, store water as an adaptation.
Place that provides all the things an organism needs to live like food, water, and shelter.
A group of organisms of one species that live in an area at the same time.
Different populations in one area.
The nonliving parts of an ecosystem like air, water, temperature & sunlight.
The role that an organism has in an ecosystem.
The number of organisms that can live in a habitat.
All the living organisms in an ecosystem.
Located just below the tundra. Cold, harsh winters. Many coniferous trees. Elk and moose live here.