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Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: David Meredith
A legally batted ball that settles on or over fair territory
A play in which a runner loses his right to occupy a base when the current batter becomes a runner
A legal pitch when so called by an umpire which is bunted foul
Two games played in immediate succession
The first half of an inning
The second half of an inning
The four points of the baseball diamond that must be touched by a runner to score a run
A ball which goes high into the air when batted
A defensive play in which 3 offensive players are put out as a result of one action
A declaration by the umpire that a player who is trying for a base is not entitled to that base
A ball which is batted directly to a fielder without touching the ground
The seating area for team members not currently in the playing field
The team currently in the field
A pitch which does not enter the strike zone and is not struck at by a batter
An illegal motion by the pitcher with one or more runners on base, entitling all runners to advance one base