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Christmas Specials

Author: lmt
Nickname Cornelius calls the Abominable Snow Monster.
The name of the Guardian Angel in "The Littlest Angel".
The villain in "Frosty the Snowman" Professor ______.
The name of the "The Littlest Angel".
In "The Santa Clause", which reindeer growls at Scott Calvin?
The advertiser in the message from Little Orphan Annie in the decoder Ralphie waited for so long.
The last name of the family in "A Christmas Story".
"___, Virginia There is a Santa Claus".
The name of the mountain that the Grinch lives on.
The name of Will Ferrell's character in "Elf"
The name of the narrating character in Rankin/Bass' "Santa Claus is Coming to Town"(2 wds).
What is the name of the family next door in "A Christmas Story"?
The final message for the hero boy in Polar Express.
Who tells Charlie Brown the true meaning of Christmas.
Who sticks his tongue on the flag pole in "A Christmas Story"?
What is the name of the head elf in "The Santa Clause"?
George Bailey's brother who he saved as a child.
Which reindeer do the elves take to Southtown in the "Year Without A Santa Claus".
Penguin's name in "Santa Claus is Coming to Town".
The last name of the family in "Christmas Vacation".
The first ghost to visit Ebeneezer on Christmas Eve.
The name of the narrating snowman in Rankin/Bass' "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer".