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Psychological Stress, Trauma, & Abuse

Psychology Student: Josephine Barnett
behaviors used to manage a stressful situation and address unpleasant emotions as a result of such situations
Researchers have concluded that "Cognitive ____ therapy" is the most efficacious in treating PTSD.
external factors that are perceived as threatening or difficult
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an _____ disorder which may develop after witnessing or experiencing a life threatening event
The sympathetic system response to stressful events and the “_____ system” is responsible for restoring our ability to function after stress.
The two most prevalent diagnoses tied to experiencing serious trauma are "Post-traumatic Stress Disorders (PTSD)" and "___ Identity Disorders (DID)"
A endocrine system response is also known as "fight or__"
mental exercises designed to reorient attention and relieve stress through the achievement of a "trancelike state of consciousness"
daily annoyances of everyday life are also known as
classical and ___ learning theories explain the process by which previously neutral stimuli become triggers, provoking physiological and emotional responses related to a traumatic experience.
High levels of stress have been associated with fatigue, muscle pain, compromised ___system, and early death.
Common reactions to trauma are: intense fear, horror/terror, attachment and ___
Name calling is a form of psychological ___
According to Lazarus, "___ appraisal approach" refers to the theory that how one thinks about a stressors will impact how stressful it will be
GAS is the acronym for the three stages of the body’s physiological reaction to stress, including alarm, resistance, and exhaustion. GAS stands for "General ___ syndrome"
negative thoughts,emotions, and behavior resulting from prolonged stress or frustration.
____ stress is defined as prolonged exposure to stress.
To be assaulted by an intimate male partner is a form of "domestic ___"
physical, cognitive and behavioral responses to stressors
The use of art materials (markers,crayons, paper, magazine pictures, etc.) to create an image the evokes or represents safety is a key part to "__-therapy" among trauma survivors.