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Ms. Palinski: Abbey Middleton
Also known as little brain
Intense, unwanted worries, ideas, and images that repeatedly pop in the mind
Rarely initiating or controlling movement ; copies others' speech and actions
Medical condition that can happen if the vestibular sense is not working
Flat affect, no social attachments
Refers to any feedback from the environment that makes a behavior more likely to recur
Compulsion to binge, followed by guilt and depression
Helps coordinate automatic and unconscious movements
Stage of the sexual response cycle deals with contractions all over the body
Refers to the learned ability to only respond to a specific stimuli, preventing generalization
Molecule that blocks neurotransmitters
Model currently used in treating a person with a disorder
Sends messages from the cortex to the medulla and cerebellum
Deals with actions and plot of a dream
Lobe is involved in speaking and muscle movements and in making plans and judgements
Copying adult behaviors that have no function and no reward
Refers to an amount of body fat that increases the risk of health problems to the point that weight loss is a health priority
The study of the skull and their relationship to mental abilities and character traits
Known as master gland
A stimulus that meets the basic need