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Ocean Currents and Climate

Teacher: Mrs. Bankes
Current: carries cold water from the poles toward areas near the equator
Current: located near the surface and influences global climate
Current: keeps temperatures along the West Coast cooler than inland temperatures all year long
Transported by currents from the equator to the poles
Stream-like movements of water that travel in a circular pattern
Currents change course when they come into contact with continents
Long-term weather conditions in a certain area
Current: located far below the surface and mixes ocean waters
Differences in _______ and salinity cause the movement of deep currents
Curving of moving objects from a straight path due to the Earth’s rotation
Strong, fast moving warm ocean current
Driving energy source of ocean currents
Current: carries warm water from the equator toward areas near the poles
Wind patterns that blow in a fairly constant, steady direction across our earth
The line that runs west to east parallel to the equator
The amount of matter in a given space
How much dissolved salt is in a liquid