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Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: B Cohen
Type of transport that takes no energy
Type of vacuole a paramecium has to remove excess water
Type of er studded with ribosomes
Name of energy molecule needed for active transport
Both sides of the cell membrane reach this in passive transport
Type of protein that is like the cell's ID badge
What occurs when a drop of dye is placed in water
Controls the flow of molecules in and out of the cell
The bulk of the membrane is this bilayer
Cellular drinking in Latin
Type of er responsible for lipid synthesis
Controls the fluidity of the cell membrane
Vesicle transport of molecules into cell
Round membrane bound structure
An environment that has less solute than the cell
Type of channel protein allowing water to rapidly enter cell
Type of protein that changes shape allowing certain molecules in and out
That which is being dissolved
Another name for hydrophilic
The movement of only this in osmosis
Type of diffusion involving polar molecules
Organelle that packages molecule up and ships them out of the cell
Another name for non polar
How a white blood cell brings in a germ cell
Whats needed to move a molecule against the gradient
Vesicle transport of molecules out of cell
Type of transport in which vesicles are formed
Having the same concentration of solute as the cell
The ocean is this to a cell
Type of proteins always open allowing molecules through
The diffusion of water
When a molecule moves from low to high its this type of transport