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Cell Project!

Ms. Adams: Zoe McDevitt
Chromosomes pull apart
Holds chromosomes
Is the diffusion of water molecules through a selectively permeable membrane.
Chromosomes line up in the center
Provides support for the cell
To go from one place to another
Packages and deliveries
ALL living things must do all of the
Makes ribosomes
The movement of dissolved materials through a cell membrane without using cellular energy
Cells that do not have membrane bound structures
Makes protein (Lipid/Fats)
What's another word for get bigger
Chromosomes thicken
Stores H2O and sometimes wastes products
Cytoplasm divides
Everything put together
Another word for waste
To get used to something you
Cells that have membrane bound structures
Protects the Nucleus
Are made of many cells
Different cells live in different
Is the movement of materials through a cell membrane using cellular energy
Holds organelles
Makes food for the plant cell
Allows some things through and out but not others
What we look through to see cells
Is a substance consumed to provide nutritional support for the body
Fuel gives you
Basic unit of structure and function for all living things