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Pik Rite Christmas

The employee that has been with Pik Rite for more years than any other (not Elvin)
PA customer that has purchased 16 Pik Rite tanks since 1999
16,000 of these peppers makes one ton
Introduced the first Christmas card in 1915
Pik Rite spreader dealer of the year 2013 and 2014
West Coast customer that owns more Pik Rite harvesters than any other customer
What movie is "the best way to spread Christmas cheer loud for all to hear" from?
The newest line of equipment manufactured by Pik Rite Inc.
______, frankincense and myrrh
Circular band of evergreens
Roman Emperor the year Jesus was born
The average American consumes 7,000 of these on Christmas Day
10,600 of these tomatoes yield one ton
"Christmas vacation" (starring Chevy Chase) ends on this day
East coast processor that owns nine Pik Rite harvesters
Where Jesus was born
Wisconsin Pik Rite dealer that suggested Pik Rite build vacuum tanks
Kiss me under the ____________
Frosty the snowman, was a ________ happy soul
One of Santa's Reindeer