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The Renaissance

Teacher: Newton
A Christian church building often in the shape of a cross
A wealthy person who supports an artist
Someone who agreed to live with and work for another
The person or officer in charge of a priory or monastery
The art of using words effectively in speaking or writing
One who is highly skilled and has broad interests in many or all of the arts and sciences.
Incapable of error
Spanish word for "the Greek"
A large flat bottomed ship propelled by sails and oars
One who represents a government and its relationship with other governments
A character in a book written by Migues de Cervantes
A person who build with brick or stone
A druggist or pharmacist
To obtain stone from a pit or excavation
A system of government in which voters elect officials to run the government and make the laws
A technique that allow artists to show objects as they appear at various distances
Became wealthy from the wool and banking industries
A shallow body of water especially one separated from a large body of water
A painting made on fresh moist plaster
A French castle or large country house