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Senior Puzzle - December 2019

Name: ____________________
They fled to this country
Reigned in place of Herod
Prophecy concerning Christ's birth (5 words)
1st of the gifts
Caused the world to be taxed
For He hath regarded the ... estate of His handmaiden
He took the young child and his mother by..
No room here
2nd part of the prophecy(8 words)
They sought Jesus here
Mother of Jesus
Laid Him in a ...
Prophetess in the temple
3rd part of the prophecy (5 words)
They kept their flocks
Prophecy found here (2 words)
And on earth...
They saw it in the east
Christ birth place
From ... years old and under
Last part of the prophecy(4 words)
He was of the house and ....of David
Son of Zacharias
And, behold, thou shalt be ...
Light to them that ... in darkness
They sang a heavenly song
Where is He that is born ... of the Jews
Keeping watch over their flock by ........
Father of the prophetess
Came from the east
They were ....afraid
Cicumcised on
Father of John the baptist
Everyone into his own...
Held Jesus in his arms
Mary...them in her heart
The shepherds came with...
Joseph's home
Forerunner of Jesus
In...there was a voice heard
And,..., the star, which they saw in the east
Being warned by God in a ...
Angel sent to Mary
2nd of the gifts
Born in the city of...
By the remission of their ...
Jesus' earthly father
And am sent to speak unto ...
Blessed art thou among...
The glory of the Lord...round about them
The king of Israel
Was in the ... till the day of his shewing
He shall ..over the house of Jacob
Watched by night
Good will toward ...