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Junior Puzzle - December 2019

Name: _____________________
The Lord warned the wisemen in a _____ that they should not return to Herod.
On which day was John circumcised?
What were the people doing who were waiting for Zacharias to come out of the temple?
What was the name of the king?
Second gift from the wisemen.
To which city did Joseph and Mary have to go?
When the people noticed that Zacharias could not speak, they thought he had seen a _______
Where did Joseph and Mary live?
Third gift from the wisemen
The angels were singing "Glory to God in the highest, on earth _____, good will toward men."
Where did the wisemen try to find the Baby first?
How many months did Mary stay at Elisabeth's place?
The shepherds were keeping watch over their flock by _____.
Mary laid the Baby in a ______.
The king said he wanted to _______ the Baby.
Zacharias became ____ because he didn't believe that he was going to have a son.
What did Zacharias have to call his son?
First gift from the wisemen
Herod asked the cheif priests and the _______ to find out where the Baby should be born.
Who were the first visitors to the Baby?
What was the name of the angel?
What was the name of Zacharias' wife?
What was Zacharias' son not allowed to drink?
The Lord Jesus, Joseph, and Mary had to flee to______.
What was the name of the new king of Judea?
The wise men found the Lord Jesus in a _____.
Zacharias asked for a writing _____ to write the name of his son down.
Where did the wise men see the star?
There was no room for them in the ___.