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The Constitution of the United States: pg 225-235

Teacher: Chad Frey
Article II, Section 2 established the ________ control of the military.
Article 1, Section 10 limits the power on this.
Article III, Section 3 Clause one deals with this violation of allegiance.
A Presidential power given in Article II Section 2 Clause 2 which is an executive command.
This is a draft of a proposed law.
A Census or population count.
This is issued by a judge requires a law official to bring a prisoner to court and show cause for holding a prisoner.
Originally Senators were chosen by this within their own states.
You must be at least this old to be a Senator.
All tax laws must originate in the part of Congress.
Article I, Section 8, Clause 15 give Congress the power to suppress this.
First three words of the Preamble.
Each state gets this many Senators.
You must be this least this old to be President.
Article II, Section 2 states that the President will be the Commander in _________ of the Army and Navy.
Article III deals with this branch that deals with the court systems.
Law passed by Congress, treaties, and cases involving the Constitution itself found in Article III Section II
The number of representatives a state gets is based on this.
To be President you must have lived in the United States for this many years.
This many states needed to ratify the Constitution before it went into effect.
This clause in Section 8 of the Constitution gives Congress the Power to Declare war.
In order for a bill to become a law, both houses of this must approve as well as a signature.
Term that describes the presiding officer of the Senate who serves when the Vice President is absent.
This is the amount in dollars members of Congress were originally paid.
Term that describes a procedure by which a citizen of a foreign nation becomes a citizen of the United States.
Article I deals with with branch.
This person becomes president if the president resigns, is removed, or is unable to perform duties.
President of the Senate.
This clause within Article VI establishes that the Constitution, laws passed by Congress, and treaties of the US shall be the law of the land.
Article IV requires each state to give citizens of others states the same ________ as its owns citizens.
Article II deals with this branch.
The amount of years a Representative is elected for.