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Post-War Events

Teacher: mwhitehouse
Pact of nations to defend the Soviets
Area surrounding a city
Nations controlled by the Soviet Union
World peacekeeping organization
Government owns all business, no free speech
Soldiers back to work, women come home for family.
Controls satellite nations with puppet governments
Helped the U.S. and France occupy West Germany
Escaped by going under, over, through
One ruler, no freedoms
Card created to make purchases, no cash involved
Left the factory for home after the war
East Berlin is its capital
Leader of the Soviet Union
First lady of the world
Truman's plan to slow the spread of communism
Stalin's minions
If one country becomes communist, surrounding countries will as well
Clown question, bro.
Numbers used to group people
Low cost loans, free education and training
Economy based on private ownership of business
How the Allies got supplies into Berlin
Europe, Canada, and the U.S. make up this defense group