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People, Places, and Facts About Indiana

Indiana's NFL Team
Largest kid museum: ________ Museum of Indianapolis
Covered bridge capital of the world: _______ County
"Boom Baby" Pacers star ______ Miller
Muncie University
First state capital 1816-1825
Capital of Indiana
Most famous Indiana State basketball player
Indy 500 location
University with the Golden Dome
Home of Perfect North Slopes
Smallest town in Indiana
Jaguar University
Hoosier poet from Greenfield
He discovered Indiana
Indianapolis "Bulldog" college
Cream and Crimson college
Colt's QB
State rock
"Thriller" singer: Michael _______
Has a tree growing on its courthouse
Largest Christmas tree location: Monument _________
Amusement park in Santa Claus, IN
Only president from Indiana
Big lake on Northern border
West Lafayette college
Principal Crop
Largest artificial lake in the state
Indiana's state bird
State tree