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Chapter 8 - Climate

Charts which show average monthly temperatures and precipitation are:
The B climates are dry most usually because of lack of ___ in the air.
In most classification schemes, the principal indicator that is used to delineate five zones and their subtypes is:
The current rise in global sea level can be attributed to melting of ___.
Australia is in the Southern Hemisphere and the maximum precipitation in its Csa climate type falls in the month of:
All months have average temperatures below freezing in the ___ climatic type.
In the BS climate type, the "S" stands for:
Another designation for the Mediterranean climate is:
The area most associated with D climates is ___.
The Köppen system of climate classification is based on temperature and _____.
Deserts are arid; steppes are:
The average daily temperature exceeds the annual temperature range in the ___ latitudes.
The gereatest day to day and seasonal contrasts of climate are found in the ___ climates.
The D climates is the only one that does not occur in the ___ Hemisphere:
Night is winter is best applied to the ___ climate.
The B climate types takes up the most:
The ___ climate has the smallest annual temperature range of any climatic type,
A term most associated with D climates is:
Steppe climates can be thought of as occupying transitional positions between deserts and ___ climates.
The site of the world's record lowest average annual precipitation is on the continent of:
By some estimates, the annual average extent of Northern Hemisphere sea ice has ___ since the 1950s.
The world's highest average annual wind speed can be found in: