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Science | Last Part of Biodiversity

Learning Strategies (Tutorial): Mr. Harris
What causes ozone depletion?
An organism that breaks down materials and dead organisms is called a __________.
What is the role of an organism in its environment; a job description called?
What is the main greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming? Plants and animals breathe in oxygen and return it to the environment as ______ _______. As fossil fuels are burned, they are returned to the atmosphere as what gas?
A _______ is a place where animals and organisms live (their home).
78% of the atmosphere is made up of what gas?
What is an organism that depends on others for food called?
A dog and a flea is an example of what type of relationship?
An organism that makes its own food is called a ________. (Grass is an example of this!)
What does ozone depletion lead to?
What does the greenhouse effect lead to?
What type of rock is carbon found in?
Algae replaces about ___% of all oxygen used on the planet.
What type of alternative fossil fuels would never be available in MS?
Living parts of the environment are called ______.