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Cell Cycle & DNA Review

Teacher: Mrs. Snodgrass
Phase of interphase in which DNA is replicated
Sister chromatids are joined by this.
Phase of mitosis in which sister chromatids separate.
Division of the nucleus.
Human body cells have 46 of these.
The nitrogen base that pairs with guanine.
Type of bond between the sugar and phosphate
The spindle fibers start to form during this phase of mitosis.
A replicated chromosome consists of two of these (no space between the two words)
Cytosine and Thymine are examples of this type of nitrogen base with only one ring.
The smallest bands move the farthest during gel ___________.
Gel electrophoresis is used to create a DNA fingerprint which is also called a DNA _________.
________ enzymes cut the DNA before electrophoresis.
What phase comes after metaphase?
The complementary strand to AATTCCGA.
The division of the cytoplasm at the end of telophase.
Phase of mitosis in which the prophase is reversed
The scientists who discovered the double helix used her data.
The phase in which DNA replicates.
The process by which DNA is copied.
DNA replication is called this because the new DNA consists of one original strand and one new strand.
The building blocks (monomers) of DNA.
Phase of mitosis in which chromosomes line up in the center of the cell
A nucleotide is made up of a sugar, a nitrogen base and a _______.
Cytokinesis in plant cells involves the formation of this (no space between 2 words)
Chemical that acts at checkpoints to control the cell cycle.
Cells that divide uncontrollably
A cancerous tumor that does metastasize.
Fibers that separate chromosomes during mitosis
A tumor that does not metastasize.
The nitrogen base that pairs with thymine.
What occurs during both of the G phases of interphase?
The scientists who discovered the double helix were Watson and _______.