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Science in Motion

Student/Teacher: Dhanie
The default value for FM and AM radio stations is 90 million, and 100 thousand waves per second, respectively
The distance between repeating peaks, or sharing the same oscillations in thinking
Vascular structure in plants and humans
Wireless radio frequency network
Clock speed, or million cycles per second
Compound, like silicon, which allows electrons to emit light or heat
It is attractive to protons
Positive component of a nucleus which might not decay for 1000 years
The range of visible light, and ultraviolet and infrared radiation
The smallest component of an element
Oxygen charged with an electron that causes dust and mold in the air to fall to the ground.
Vibrating air molecules that hit our eardrums
Both a tiny planet and a heavy metal
What the liquid will do if you "pop the bubbly"
Study of waves of energy caused by breaking rocks within the earth
It's speed is 186,000 miles, or 299,792,458 meters, per second
Theory that describes microscopic particles
Visible light communication technology up to 100x faster than WI-FI
Temperature in the US
The process that gives us energy in E=mc2
Using sunlight to convert simple compounds into energy in plants
Splitting of a nuclei
Temperature in chemistry
Law about the transformation of energy
Nickname for particle which gives mass to matter, 2 words
Bluer than blue energy for tanning
The full range of possible states
Einstein's theory that had to be taken into account for your car's GPS to work
The process by which living organisms turn complex substances into simpler ones, and vice versa
Element that comprises 18.5% of the human body. Also, diamonds are it's allotrope.
Laser that relies on light waves even smaller than X-rays, 2 words
The equator gets most of this type of energy
Redder than red energy at the campfire and escaping into outer space
It can move a kg over one meter
Enzyme that thwarts antibiotics
Tech studying matter between 1 to 100 nm in size