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Chemical texture service

Teacher: Stephanie
The difference between the strength of most chemical hair relaxers is determined by the concentration of
The active ingredient in all hydroxide is the
The active ingredient or reducing agent in alkaline permanent wave is
Most common type of perm rod
Hair that is treated with hydroxide relaxers must NOT be threated with:
The process of rearranging the basic structure of curly hair in a straighter or smoother form
Relaxers are often marketed and sold as no mix no lye relaxers are
Hydroxide relaxer remove a sulfur atom from a disulfide bond converting into
Sodium hydroxide relaxers are commonly called
In permanent waving the reduction reaction is due to the addition of ?
The process that stops the action of permanent wave solution and re builds the hair into its new form
Exothermic waves create a chemical reation that heats the waving solution and speeds up
The process of chemically altering the natural wave pattern
Hydrogen bonds are easily broken by water or heat and reformed when the hair is:
Relaxer that contain one component and are used with out mixing
All perm wraps begin by sectioning the hair into
Rods that are equal in diameter along their entire length
Conditioner with an acidic ph that restores the hairs natural ph after a hydroxide relaxer is
Waves that are activated from and outside heat source are considered