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Geography of Southwest Asia Crossword Puzzle

teacher: grace
Small piece of land on the east coast of the Mediterranean Sea
A river that flows into the Dead Sea . It borders Isreal and Jordan lies to its east
Having a high degree of heat or a high temperature
Land suitable for farming
Critical shipping canal that connects the Persian Gulf to the Arabian Sea
A river that flows through iraq and into the Persian Gulf. It meets the Tigris River at the Shat al Arab
Having many mountains
An extension of the Arabian Sea and is linked to it by the Strait of Hormuz. Located between iran and the Arabian Peninsula
Covered in or consisting of a lot of sand
A large open area covered in grass
A canal that links the Mediterranean Sea to the Red Sea and it lies in-between Asia and Africa
Consisting or full of rocks
A region that receives very little precipitation
A river that flows from turkey and empties in the Persian Gulf. It meets the Eurphrates at the Shat al Arab
A sea that lies between Africa and Asia and links to the Suez canal