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Christmas Carols

Reconciliation and eternal life lead angels to sing His glory
A dozen various items are given as gifts
Wandering men follow star bringing gifts for baby Jesus
Inclement weather encouraged due to a delightful personal relationship
Glory to God in the highest is the angels' praise
Written to encourage might, lessen dismay; bring comfort and joy
Loyal followers are encouraged to come and worship Jesus
Believing men are called to express JOY in Jesus' birth
Newborn Messiah is tucked in among livestock and sleeps soundly
Israel yearns for and rejoices in the promised coming Messiah
Israel's King's coming brings response from angels, shepherds, celestial light
Arrival of Jesus means giving ecstasy to the orb
The Savior's birth brings thrilling hope to sinful, pining world
Quaking shepherds and calm brightness accompany radiant holy infant
Extremely quiet evening is the setting for sleeping baby Jesus