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Environmental Emergencies

Environmental: CJoy
Cooling or freezing of particular parts of the body
Losing heat as warm air exhaled from the body
The change from liquid to gas
Condition resulting from nitrogen trapped in the body's tissues
Sending out energy, heat, in waves into space
Application of heat to the lateral chest, neck, armpits and groin
Carrying away of heat by currents of air or water or other gases or liquids
A toxin produced by animals or plants that are poisonous to humans
Generalized cooling that reduces body temperature below normal
Application of an external heat source to rewarm the body of a hypothermic patient
Chilling caused by convection of heat from the body in the presence of air currents
Covering a hypothermic patient and taking other steps to prevent further heat loss
Increase in body temperature above normal
Gas bubble in the bloodstream
Chilling caused by conduction of heat from the body when the body or clothing is wet
Transfer of heat from one material to another through direct contact
The process of experiencing respiratory impairment from submersion/immersion in liquid
A toxin produced by certain animals