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Physical Science 7 B

Teacher: Juana Chavez
A simple machine that can be modeled as a rigid bar that pivots about a fulcrum to exert an effort moment against a resistance moment.
The moment arm of the load or resistance force in a lever system.
The condition in which all the sum of all the rorques on a system is zero.
A lever system in which the effort is between the fulcrum and the resistance. Its MA is always less than 1.
The point about which a lever pivots or rotates
The moment arm of the effort force in a lever system.
The distance between an applied force and the pivot point of a lever when computing a moment or torque also called a lever arm.
Quantity produced by a force exerted perpendicularly to a lever at teh end of moment arm. Also called torque.
States that in a lever system in rotaional equilibrium, the effort moment equals the resistance moment.
A lever system in which the the load is between the fulcurm and the effort. It's MA is always greater than 1.
A lever system in which the fulcrum is between the resistance and the effort. Its MA can be greater than 1, equal to 1 , or less than 1.