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Antebellum-Civil War Puzzle

Puzzle Type: Educational
The period before he Civil War
Where Sherman destroyed the central supply base of the South
Horrible prison camp in GA where many Union soldiers died
Where did General Rober E. Lee surrender?
Who won the election of 1860 by electoral votes because the Democrat vote was split?
Georgia leader against secession.
An interpretation of the Constitution saying states should make most decisions for themselves
Freed slaves in states that had seceded from the Union and changed the focus of the war from secession to slavery.
A statement of beliefs of a group
First state to secede from the Union
The importance of the Battle for Atlanta
Where North first attempted to invade Georgia but was unsuccessful
The Supreme Court decision that said slaves have no rights because they are not citizens.
Allowing the people to decide
What did Sherman do after destroying Atlanta?
Tax on imported goods
Port that was blockaded until the end of the Civil War
Where violence erupted between pro- slavery and anti-slavery forces
The idea that states have a right to decide whether federal laws should be thrown out or declared unconstitutional
Bloodiest one day battle of the Civil War
People who wanted to end slavery
Turning point of the war in the East.
Withdrawing from the Union
To prevent the enemy's trading by sea
The agreement that allowed the same number of slave and free states