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Luke and Evie's Navajo Crossword

Teacher: Luke von Kapff and Evie's Wigdale
The main meat for the Navajo.
Kit ______, the famous Natvie American killer.
The Navajo made the door facing this direction to let sunlight in.
The location of the famous defeat of the Navajo. All one word.
The Navajo worked with this tribe to start the ______ Revolt.
A Dish that the Navajo made using their rations in Bosque Redondo.
When the Navajo had to trek to Bosque Redondo. All one word.
The number of islands in the creation myth.
A Traditional Navajo house.
Where to Navajo migrated from. Not Canada.
What the Navajo got in 1868
The region of the USA that the Navajo live in.
A Biil; a Navajo dress was made out of this.
A Tribe that the Navajo have had recent disagreements with.
Diné ______ teaches the Navajo culture.
A Navajo form of religious painting.