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Ms. Parker: D HICKLIN
Point exactly halfway on a segment
Method of creating geometric figures
This is what rays are called
All lengths are the same and all angles have the same measure
Basic undefined term
Flat surface made of points
Ray that divides an angle into two congruent angles
Intersection of two noncollinear rays
Point that lies outside the angle
Angle that measures less than 90 degrees
Number of square units needed to cover a surface
Angle that measures 90 degrees
Polygon with lines on the interior
Depends on the smallest unit on the tool
3D set of all points
Measurable part of a line with two points
Lines that form 4 right angles
Point that lies within the angle
Points in the same plane
In the middle of two points
A location
Polygon with lines on the exterior
Angle that measures more than 90 degrees
Points on the same line
Adjacent angles whose noncommon sides are opposite rays
Closed figure with no curves
A line with one endpoint
The common endpoint is the ?
Unit of measurement for angles
Set of points that satisfy a condition