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World Geography chapter 7

Teacher: Susan O'Mahoney
Hot dusty wind
Having openings for water to pass through
Geological formation containing water in tiny pores.
Height above sea level
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Water on earth
Removing salt from seawater
Continuous wind coming from west
Creating of wind patterns by movement of the earth
Point where water table rises to surface with vegetation growth
Upper limit of water level when ground is filled with water.
Prolonged dry weather
Energy in form of light
Dry grasslands
Something that distinguishes one object from another
Small planktonic organisms
Water held in aquifers below earth's surface
Desert _____ is close fitting pebbles and stones on surface of desert
Productive land losing its fertility
Movement of deep cold nutrient-rich water to the ocean surface
Rain, hail, sleet, or snow falling from atmosphere to ground
Sea of sand
Constant winds blowing in one direction
Side away from wind
Region with less than ten inches of precipitation per year
Bite or tear at grasses
Arabic term for desert pavement