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Virginia Woolf

Author: Robert Grummons
Woolf's made the pronouncement that "Women alone stir her _____________"
Her Essay ______________ has become a feminist classic
Her most physical affair was with
She also personally set the type for the translations of
She committed suicide by
In 1912 she married ____________ Woolf
All agree that their marriage was a
Wrote _________ novels
She personally set the type on __________"The Waste Land"
It is said that she had been sexually abused by her
Her first name was really
She wrote the novel ______________ with Vita in mind
The line "Chloe like Olivia" has become ____________ for Lesbianism
She and Woolf started the publishing house
Her family was large and eminent
Along with her sister Vanessa and her brother Thoby they formed the
Most of her writtings have been interpeted in the light of their
Born in