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Author: Salsa
Lodge. Joseph & Mary found no room at the __
Joyous holiday attitude or decorative ambiance
Bliss. __ to the world the Lord is come! (Christmas carol)
Untruth. It's a __ 2 say Jesus wasn't born 2 die 4 our sins
Big, beautiful church. Notre Dame __
Christmas narrative Gospel
Female. God chose to be incarnated via a __
Cacophony. Christmas carols R __ 2 atheists' ears
Wax light with a wick in it
Christmas color
Gifts 4 tots
Cut-up pig or person who is a cut-up
Night B4. December 24 is Christmas __
All. Those 4 whom Christ was born 2 save
Male child. Jesus is the __ of God
Past. A long time __
Steam mist. This life is but a __ compared to eternity
Worship. Oh come let us __ Him, Christ the King (carol)
Location. Bethlehem was the __ of God's incarnation
Evergreen Christmas tree
Tut's turf where Mary & Joseph fled w/baby Jesus
God coming 2 earth & being born as a baby in Bethlehem
Jesus' birth. A creche is a __ scene
Chill, ice
Christ child's hay mattress
Muslim religion (says Jesus is not Son of God)
Santa's little helper
Christ the Birthday Boy
Christmas season or log
Christmas tree decorations
A Christmas carol, The First __
Leader of the reindeer pack
Redeemer Messiah. Christmas celebrates the birth of our __
Stream. Over the __ & through the woods... (song)
Planet. Peace on __ good will to men. Luke 2:14
Jesus' birth cut the timeline of history into BC & __
Bloody gruesome. Halloween is __ but Christmas is a happy story
Beer. Is __ what is ailing U?
Nibble. __ a sweet treat
Providing. __ U repent U won't perish. Luke 13:3
Holiday gratuity