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Cell Anatomy and Physiology

Puzzle Type: Educational
Students: Pamela De Leonibus and Christian Weadock
Chromosomes are aligned in center of cell during mitosis.
Chromatids cluster on each side of cell. Spindle fibers disappear. Cell is pinched.
DNA inside nucleus.
The flow of water through a permeable membrane.
Packages newly synthesized proteins.
Organelle specialized to synthesize ATP.
Transport of particles against their concentration gradient.
Having a higher osmotic pressure than a solution. Causes cell shrinkage.
Cell fuel.
Cell shape significantly taller than wide.
The outset of mitosis.
Carries genetic code from nucleus to cytoplasm.
Fat cells.
Cell shape flat and scaly.
Cell shape where one cell rests on top of others.
Equal osmotic pressure.
Breaks glucose molecule into pyruvic acid and ATP.
Two sister chromatids are cleaved apart.
Cell division.
Two new cells are formed.
Binds free amino acids and delivers them to ribosome.
Having a lower osmotic pressure than a solution. Causes swelling of cell.
Attached to rough ER, composed of RNA and enzymes.
Filled with DNA.