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Prefixes/Words with ei and ie

Puzzle Type: Educational
Teacher: Ms. Stacey
Not able to read or write
Not respectful
Not real; fake
Bad treatment by a professional doctor or lawyer, etc.
Not of high moral character
Not nourished
Understood incorrectly
Not able to be changed
Not logically understandable
Not able to be heard
Finding the best solution without wasting time or energy
Not satisfied; unhappy
Has mastered the skill
A knowing of right and wrong
Able to see and understand
Items carried by boat, train, plane or truck
Rest and relaxation
Not logically connected to the idea
Working improperly
Wrongly applied name or description
Able to be thought of logically
A lack of confidence
Not able to be fixed
Not favoring one person side over another
Wrong doing from a public official, ie: police officer
Paper that shows proof of purchase of an item