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Earth Science Vocabulary Words

Mrs. Rudwick: River Hagin
Process that carries away and wears down the earth's surface.
A substance that produces positively charged hydrogen ions when dissolved in water.
Nearly melted layer of rock below earth's crust.
Leaving behind something in a different place.
Physical feature on earth's surface.
Molten rock containing dissolved gases and suspended solid particles.
A sedimentary rock composed of combustible matter derived from partial decomposition of plant material.
Solid layer of iron and nickel inside earth.
A very large piece of ice formed in cold regions from compacted snow and then moving very slowly into warmer regions.
The early rise and fall of the waters of the oceans; produced by the gravity of the moon and sun occurring two times a day.
Matter that settles at the bottom of a liquid.
A small ice sheet.
Breaking down of rock by water, wind or chemicals.
The rock beneath the soil.
A vent in the surface of the earth from which lava, ash and gases erupt.
Any molten material that is extrusive or volcanic.
The remains or imprints of a living thing from a former time period.
The naturally occurring material from which a mineral or minerals of economic value can be extracted for a profit.
A large area of flat or nearly flat land.
Rocky surface that makes up the lithosphere including continents and the ocean floor.