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Rocks and Minerals

Puzzle Type: Educational
Rocks can change their shape __________
A type of rock that includes quarts and granite
It takes long periods of ________ for a rock to form
Faster in warm, wet rather than cold and dry.
A type of rock that includes flint, limestone, and this kind of rock can have fossils inside of it.
This is the process when rocks break down physically or chemically
This is the type of weathering that changes the state of matter,size, and shape.
This is the process when sediment and other materials are moved from one place to another
This is naturally occurring, not alive, solid, definite crystalline structure, and fixed chemical composition
This is the type of weathering that breaks down rocks by chemical reactions which changes composition and appearance
Change from liquid to a solid, and the other word of lava
This is a rapid movement of a large mass of mud due to lots of rain
A type of rock that includes marble, slate, gneiss, and schist.
A long time ago, people used rocks to make _________
Loose mixture of rock fragments, organic matter, water, and air that can support the growth of vegetation