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Earth Science Exam REVIEW

Teacher: Mrs. Dallimore
Coarse grain rock formed from hardened magma
Movement of warm and wet air
Clearing of forest
Unequal distribution of heat
Rotating column of air
Exponential growth of a species population
Chemical weathering
Boundary between two different air masses
Percentage of water in a sample of rock
First clouds to appear as a warm front develops
Number and variety of species on Earth
NC's major non-point pollution
Chain by which energy is transferred from one organism to another
Primary reason for landslides
Fossil fuel
Northern Hemisphere tilted toward the sun
Warms the lower layer of the atmosphere
Rock changed by heat and pressure
Streams of fast moving air in the high altitude of the atmosphere
An organism that produces its own food
Levels on the energy pyramid
Pressure caused by the weight of air
Wood fuel
Has lowest air pressure of all cyclonic storms
A greenhouse gas
Provides energy for the water cycle
Ease of flow of water through the pore space of soil and rock
Layer in the stratosphere
Smoke and fog
Caused by Earth's rotation
Electromagnetic wave with the longest wavelength
All living and non-living things found in an area
Altitudes having the coldest temperature
Area of the atmosphere where most weather occurs
Balance point of the solar system
Winds indicated by closely spaced isobars
Direct sunlight at 23.5 degrees south latitude
A control method to reduce an invasive species
Coast that wind blows from the ocean
Line showing that a population has reached its carrying capacity and then falls