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The Mental Game of Baseball

By: EJ Gonzales
Every player has a_______that they wear every game
The number of bases ______
This person owns the team______
The person that is at the plate is called this______
This person is ahead of the manager but not the owner______
The most valuable player__
The person on the teams staff that is in charge____
The player that only hits and does not play in the field_______
This player has to catch every pitch_______
The only base that has no base in its name _____
Baseball is just a game and it is supposed to be________
The thing that you have to play the game_______
You have to have a good_______
The main outfielder that is in the center of the field______
This team has the most world series______
To play baseball you have to be an______
10% of the game is ________
The player catches the ball with a ______
Many players like to try and steal these_____
This player throws to the catcher every play______
You have to have this to be able to judge balls and strikes______
This player plays in between third and second base_______
The game of baseball is 90%_______
The player wears these on his feat______
You hit the baseball with a ______