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Science Vocab

A substance that simulates the body to produce chemicals that destroy viruses,bacteria, or other disease -causing organisms
A virus that infects bacteria
The reproductive process that involves only one parent and produces offspring that are identical to the parent
The process of breaking down food for energy
A small,rounded,thick-walled,resting cell that forms inside a bacterial cell
An illness that can pass from one organism to another
A chemical that can kill bacteria without harming a persons cells
A poison that can harm an organism
A small, nonliving particle that invades and then reproduces inside a living cell
The process in which a unicellular organism that transfers some of its genetic material to another unicellular organism
Breakdown large chemicals from dead organisms into small chemical and returns important material to soil or water
The region of a cell located in a cell membrane
A long whiplike structure that extends out through the cell membrane and cell wall
The process that involves two parents who combine their genetic material to produce a new organism that differs between the parents
An organism that lives on or in a host and causes harm to the rest
A tiny structure located in the cytoplasm of a cell where proteins are made
A form of a asexual reproduction in which one cell divides to form two identical cells
An organism that provides a source of energy or a suitable environment for a virus for another organism to live